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This is a list of various projects to do with UCC that people could take on.

See also StuffToFix

Projects which don't require wheel group assistance or machine room access should be marked with a /!\

  • Set up CoovaChilli on clearwing or madako to make Tav people use SNAP

  • WebcamArchive /!\

  • Put other stuff into LDAP, like coke balances, membership information etc. (see /services/ldap for a start)
    • Provide an interface for members to update their information in LDAP
  • Clean up the network
    • Upgrade loft cable - boots on the clip would be nice since it gets a lot of insertions/removals, also being plugged into a gigabit network port downstairs.
    • Test network ports
    • Update madako's freenets script so that it greps out Optus routes since they usually go out via WAIX but come back charged. Grepping for AS7474 from counter.wa.aarnet's .cf files should work, though currently we're working off the UCS route lists that don't have AS numbers in them.
    • Redo the firewall script, or at least fix the PPTP VPN's NATting to go out the Bright link.
    • Fix the SOCKS routing to go out AARNET instead of bright
  • Integrated monitoring solutions (instead of MissionControl and its spokes)

  • Fix ClamScan processes so they actually report useful, useable data

  • Port Phonehome to Solaris and Mac OS X, with useful plugins /!\

  • Work out how to restrict Firefox and IE cache size for all users on the Windows machines, preferably with an easily-deployable method
  • Write a new OpenID provider, ideally with version 2 support
  • Update obsolete software - exim (3) to exim4 on various machines
  • Charge for printing automatically based on /var/log/cups/page_log
  • Migrate to a less shit jabber server (this may include a more recent version of jabberd2)
  • Use the Spamhaus DROP list

  • Start signing outgoing mail with DKIM milter (depends on mooneye upgrade)
  • Install Laconica for users to microblog with, and set up an aviary (planet) for UCCan tweets and dents.


  • Set up a FreeRADIUS server authing off LDAP

    • Run PoPToP or similar (MPD! MPD! MPD! - [DAA]) on for alternative to SNAP charging on campus
  • OpenID service for <username> urls authing off LDAP - See UCC OpenID

  • Upgrade machines to etch once it comes out
    • Install fail2ban on madako
    • Make dovecot look at preferredDeliveryMethod for the top-level IMAP folder
  • Stick the 53C876 Ultra Wide Differential SCSI PCI card into manbo
    • First need to clean spilled coke off it
    • Split manbo's D1000s up into multiple SCSI buses
  • Put the other Sil 3124 SATA controller into martello
    • Install the warrantied drive
  • Clean up the network
    • Remove non-UCC switches
    • Reinstall the gigabit switch
    • Decommission Olive
    • Update port descriptions on managed switches with wall-port IDs
    • Update /home/wheel/docs/NetworkTopology
  • OpenID service for <username> urls authing off LDAP - See UCC OpenID

    • Maybe a <username> for Pheme authentication for student OpenId accounts? 't'would be rather cool. /!\

  • WPKG for software deployment on the Windows boxes - see StandardOperatingEnvironment

  • Some sort of events system, preferably hooking into the main website /!\

    • Bedework?
  • Set up clubroom machines to boot LTSP
  • Set up rancid to pull Cisco configs and check them into git or svn or something - See