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This is a list of various projects to do with UCC that people could take on.

Projects which don't require wheel group assistance or machine room access should be marked with a /!\

  • Set up a FreeRADIUS server authing off ["LDAP"]
    • Set up [ chillispot] on clearwing or madako to make Tav people use SNAP

    • Run PoPToP or similar (MPD! MPD! MPD! - [DAA]) on for alternative to SNAP charging on campus
  • WebcamArchive

  • Upgrade machines to etch once it comes out
    • Install fail2ban on madako
    • Make dovecot look at preferredDeliveryMethod for the top-level IMAP folder
  • Put other stuff into LDAP, like coke balances, membership information etc.
    • Provide an interface for members to update their information in LDAP
  • Stick the 53C876 Ultra Wide Differential SCSI PCI card into manbo
    • Split manbo's D1000s up into multiple SCSI buses
  • Put the other Sil 3124 SATA controller into martello
  • Clean up the network
    • Remove non-UCC switches
    • Reinstall the gigabit switch
    • Update port descriptions on managed switches with wall-port IDs
    • Update /home/wheel/docs/NetworkTopology