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   * http://aburgess.ucc.asn.au/cerberus_0.html
   * http://aburgess.ucc.asn.au/cerberus_1.html
   * http://aburgess.ucc.asn.au/cerberus_3.html
   * [[http://aburgess.ucc.asn.au/cerberus_0.html|The top head]]
   * [[http://aburgess.ucc.asn.au/cerberus_1.html|The middle head]]
   * [[http://aburgess.ucc.asn.au/cerberus_3.html|The bottom head]]

Cerberus is the display board currently located outside the clubroom by the door.

UCC Machine History

Cerberus is was donated to the clubroom in 2015 from the UWA Business school. It sat around outside before it was installed with it's current setup but [BG3] and [TBB]

Current Machine Tasks

  • Display events and coke prices

Current Software Configuration

Current hardware configuration

Future Plans for the Machine

Integrate with the dispense system.

Thanks to:

[BG3] and [TBB] for setting up Cerberus UWA Buisness School for their donation