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## page was renamed from CircuitsAndElectronicSystemsENGT3301

This unit is split into two sections: Transmission lines and Circuits

The transmission lines section covers steady state and pulse responses in transmission lines with linear and non-linear circuit components.

The circuits component covers different logic gate constructions (DL, RTL, TTL, CMOS, etc.) as well as MOSFETs and OpAmps.

There were no labs in 2006, but there will allegedly be labs in 2007. There were also two class tests (one for each section) and two reasonably challenging assignments (one for each section).

Taken by JohnDell (Tx lines) and FaridBoussaid (Circuits).

[http://student.ee.uwa.edu.au/~engt3301/ Unit website]

[http://handbooks.uwa.edu.au/units/engt/engt3301 Handbook entry]