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The Door Lock

Hi All,

The modem has now been replaced with the arduino and the small 5v relay 
board. It's working for now, but it's a hack and not even properly boxed 
up. [TPG] has already modified dispense to suit it. If it breaks, I'll let 
you keep the pieces.

For posterity, here are the super-sekret settings and commands: 

Serial over USB connected to merlo, 115200 8n1
Type "2;" and it will respond with "1,The UCC door is alive;"
Type "4;" and it will respond with "1,Opening door;" , keep the lock open 
for ten seconds and then say "1,Locking door;". The command codes are 
strange numbers because I hacked the CmdMessenger [1] library example to 
do the job.

I've found using picocom to check it is easier than minicom. The following 
command* will start picocom with the correct baud rate and a command 
character of x: `picocom /dev/ttyUSB0 -e x -b 115200'



Fixing the door lock

Symptom: Cries of "The door's broken." Door relay doesn't activate from snack machine, dispense or serial from Merlo.
Cause: The seeduino program seems to hang.
Fix: Restart seeduino (unplug/replug), then restart vendserver.

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