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Clear message

If the door sensors die:

  • On Mussel, as root:

/etc/init.d/uccdoors stop
/etc/init.d/latd restart
/etc/init.d/uccdoors start
  • On Madako, as root:

moprc -i eth0.2 janus
<enter password>
<enter username (UCC)>
set priv
<enter privilege password>
init del 0

Not all these steps may be necessary - often, resetting the DECterm (second item above) will do the trick.

Some tricks and lessons learned

  • The door solenoid requires a fair bit of power, the huge power supply in the machine room is huge because it needs to be. Don't try and substitute it with a wall wart.
  • Similarly, the door solenoid struggles for power when you try and power it with only 2 of the 4 wires. Instead, connect 2 wires to each terminal.
  • The modem takes 12V, so does the solenoid - don't try giving it 9V, it doesn't like it
  • To test if you have connectivity to the modem:
    • From mussel:
    • llogin door -w-
    • Enter the password
    • From here you can send characters to the modem (they won't come up on the screen though)
    • Watch the lights on the front of the modem, one of them should turn on and flicker when you're sending data
    • To manually open the door over serial type ATH1F (case sensitive) and hit enter