Once you're connected to one of UCC's servers you'll want to start running things. You could open up an SSH session for every program you want to run, or you could use a program like screen.

To start using screen for the first time, type "screen". This will launch the program and give you a terminal window that won't disappear when you disconnect from ssh. If you disconnect from ssh and want to reattach the the screen session you were previously running, reopen ssh and type "screen -dR".


Key Combination
(Case Sensitive)



Ctrl + a then c

Open up a new screen window


Ctrl + a then k

Force Kill the current window


Ctrl + a then d

Close screen. Keeps all the windows running


Ctrl + a then A

Set the title for the screen window


Ctrl + a then n

Go to the next screen window


Ctrl + a then p

Go to the previous screen window


Ctrl + a then ?

Open up a the screen help window


Ctrl + a then "

List the open windows and allow you to go through them

If your screen stops responding, try pressing "Ctrl + a then Ctrl + q" and "Ctrl + q". You may have accidentally frozen it yourself.