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How To Write For The UWA Pirate Handbook

Why would people want to look at the Pirate Handbook?

  • To check out what units are worth taking, before they enrol (for optional units)
  • To get a heads-up on what they're in for, after they enrol (for optional and compulsory units)

Keep these two aims in mind when you're contributing, and it will make life for readers and writers much easier.

The official UWA handbook is astonishingly comprehensive compared to many universities, so try not to duplicate too much information that is found there.


Try to follow the format in the UnitTemplate.

Useful information might include the standard and importance of lectures, the general tenor of the assessments, and anything that tends to surprise people when they start the unit.


There is an overwhelming temptation to be unfairly rude about people in CategoryLecturers pages.

Australia's libel laws are pretty full-on, so try not to get yourself or us sued by being factual OR denoting something as a personal opinion.

For example, let's take a fictional lecturer called Joan Peters.

Bad: Joan Peters is an idiot and all her units suck.

Slightly better: There is a high correlation between units taught by Joan Peters and units that suck.

Best: Some students feel that there is a high correlation between units taught by Joan Peters and units that suck.

Try not to write CategoryLecturers pages around exam periods.