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Taken by Dr. Romit Dasgupta, Dr. Sachiko Sone, and Danau Tanu. Taken by Dr. RomitDasgupta, Dr. SachikoSone, and DanauTanu.

Relatively easy and somewhat rewarding unit, will teach you how to deal with a few common situations you might find yourself in, although not very many that your favourite anime characters find themselves in on a surprisingly regular basis. Class attendence is mandatory, and not just because it's worth 5% of your mark: no lecture notes are available and the only way you can find out about tests is by going to class.

Assignments include an in-class open-book "essay" and a two-person oral presentation.

Taken by Dr. RomitDasgupta, Dr. SachikoSone, and DanauTanu.

[http://handbooks.uwa.edu.au/units/japn/japn1101 Handbook entry]