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 . Conrad Pogson, Email: [email protected]
 . David Adam, Email: [email protected]
 . Scott Young, Email: [email protected]
 . James Andrewartha, Email: [email protected]
 . Luke Williams, Email: [email protected]
 . James French, Email: [email protected]
 . Nick Bannon, Email: [email protected]
 . Patrick Coleman, Email: [email protected]
 . Rufus Garton Smith, Email: [email protected]
 . Susie Johnston, Email: [email protected]
 . Mitch Kelly, Email: [email protected]
 . Matt Johnston, Email: [email protected]
 . Grahame Bowland, Email: [email protected]
 . M
att Didcoe, Email: [email protected]
 . Chris Squire, Email: [email protected]
 . Daniel Axtens, Email: [email protected]
 . Bob Adamson, Email: [email protected]
 . Conrad Pogson (Lockwood original) Email: [email protected]
 . David Adam (Lockwood original) Email: [email protected]
 . Scott Young (Lockwood original) Email: [email protected]
 . James Andrewartha (copy) Email: [email protected]
 . Luke Williams (copy) Email: [email protected]
 . James French (copy) Email: [email protected]
 . Nick Bannon (copy) Email: [email protected]
 . Patrick Coleman (copy) Email: [email protected]
 . Rufus Garton Smith (copy) Email: [email protected]
 . Susie Johnston (copy) Email: [email protected]
 . Mitch Kelly (copy) Email: [email protected]
 . Matt Johnston (copy)
, Email: [email protected]
 . Grahame Bowland (copy), Email: [email protected]

 . Matt Didcoe (copy), Email: [email protected]
 . Chris Squire (copy), Email: [email protected]
 . Daniel Axtens (copy), Email: [email protected]
 . Bob Adamson (copy), Email: [email protected]
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 . Machine room hook, Email [email protected]  . Machine room hook (newish SILCA copy), Email [email protected]
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 . Machine room hook, Email [email protected]  . Machine room hook (copy), Email [email protected]
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 . Club President, Email: [email protected]
 . Club Vice-President, Email: [email protected]
 . Club Treasurer, Email: [email protected]
 . Club President (original), Email: [email protected]
 . Club Vice-President (original), Email: [email protected]
 . Club Treasurer (original), Email: [email protected]

This is a list of the keys and keyholders in and about the UCC. If you need to get into the tool cupboard or the drinks machine needs filling - this is who you should persecute!

Please email any updates or corrections to this list to: [email protected]

Machine Room

The machine room had its lock replaced on 20090629. Keys are held by:

Drinks machine

This is the drinks vending machine situated in the UCC/UniSFA hallway. The keys are 1 centimetre round, for a barrel lock. We have two original keys and three copies.

Snack machine

This is the food vending machine situated in the UCC/UniSFA hallway. The keys are semi-cylindrical and we have one original and three copies.


The UCC posting safe has three cross-shaped original keys.

Tool cupboard

The tool cupboard has a combination lock on it. The combination known to:

Other stuff

Have you tried the hook in the machine room?