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Clear message

This is a list of the keys and keyholders in and about the UCC. If you need to get into the tool cupboard or the drinks machine needs filling - this is who you should persecute! Please email him with what keys you have and also if you no longer have certain keys.

Please email any updates or corrections to this list to: [email protected]

Machine Room

The machine room had its lock replaced on 20090629. Keys are held by:

Conrad Pogson (Lockwood original) Email: [email protected] David Adam (Lockwood original) Email: [email protected] Scott Young (Lockwood original) Email: [email protected] James Andrewartha (copy) Email: [email protected] Luke Williams (copy) Email: [email protected] James French (copy) Email: [email protected] Nick Bannon (copy) Email: [email protected] Patrick Coleman (copy) Email: [email protected] Rufus Garton Smith (copy) Email: [email protected] Susie Johnston (copy) Email: [email protected] Mitch Kelly (copy) Email: [email protected] Matt Johnston (copy), Email: [email protected] Grahame Bowland (copy), Email: [email protected] Matt Didcoe (copy), Email: [email protected] Chris Squire (copy), Email: [email protected] Daniel Axtens (copy), Email: [email protected] Bob Adamson (copy), Email: [email protected]

Drinks machine

This is the drinks vending machine situated in the UCC/UniSFA hallway. The keys are 1 centimetre round, for a barrel lock. We have two original keys and three copies.

Machine room hook (newish SILCA copy), with a snack key TBD

Snack machine

This is the food vending machine situated in the UCC/UniSFA hallway. The keys are semi-cylindrical and we have one original and three copies.

Machine room hook (copy), with a drinks key TBD


The UCC posting safe has three cross-shaped original keys.

Matt Didcoe (one original), Email: [email protected] Bob Adamson (one original), Email: [email protected] John Hodge (one original), Email: [email protected]

Other stuff

Have you tried the hook in the machine room?