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This page used to be an accurate list of the keys and keyholders in and about the UCC. Unfortunately, times have changed and the locks have not, so we don't know who has access to what any more.

Committee positions listed below indicate that the respective key shall be held by whomever currently holds that position, and assumes that all the keys are passed down to their successors.

Please inform the committee of any updates or corrections to this list.

Cameron Hall

These are Lockwood restricted keys. All the copies are themselves marked as "DO NOT COPY" whereas the originals are presumably not and could thus be copied further. All these keys are held by at least:

  • Guild student center (original)
  • UWA Security (master key)

UCC Clubroom

Aside from the electronic door system, a few people have a physical clubroom key which can be used to open the door in a more old fashioned way. These are:

  • President (copy)
  • Vice-President (copy)
  • Treasurer (copy)
  • Secretary (copy)
  • [BOB] (original or copy)

Cameron Hall Upper & Lower

One key (upper) opens the door at the top of the stairs (not the fire escape) and the other key (lower) opens the door at the bottom of the stairs.

  • President (copy)
  • Treasurer (copy)

Machine Room

The machine room lock gets replaced every few years. Known eys are available at the following locations:

  • In the safe
  • In the lockbox
  • Treasurer
  • [BOB]
  • [TPG]
  • Other wheel members who have made copies

Drinks machine

This is the Coca Cola drinks vending machine situated in the UCC/UniSFA hallway. The keys are 1 centimetre round, for a barrel lock. We have two original keys and three copies. Keys are available from:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • In the lockbox
  • In the safe

Snack machine

This is the food vending machine situated in the UCC/UniSFA hallway. The keys are semi-cylindrical and we have one original and three copies.

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • In the lockbox
  • In the safe


The UCC posting safe has three cross-shaped original keys. Unlike everything else on this page, we are reasonably certain that there are actually only three keys. These are held by:

  • President (original)
  • Vice-President (original)
  • Treasurer (original)

Clubroom machine keys

The clubroom computers are locked to the desk using barrel locks, all identically keyed. One key is in circulation at UCC (kept in the safe) and a large number of spares are kept by [BOB].


The lockbox is on the side of the machine room to the right of the door. The code is purportedly known by (and restricted to):

  • Executive committee
  • Door group
  • Wheel group

Tool cupboard

The tool cupboard has a combination lock on it. The code is printed on the inside of the lockbox.

Other stuff

Have you tried the hook in the machine room?