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 * Melanopus was donated to the UCC in 2005 by [http://www.fugro-fsi.com/ Fugro Seismic Imaging].  * Melanopus was donated to the UCC in 2005 by [[http://www.fugro-fsi.com/|Fugro Seismic Imaging]].
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 * [http://www.compaq.com/ Compaq Corporation]
 * [http://www.digital.com/ Digital Equipment Corporation]
 * [http://www.fugro-fsi.com/ Fugro Seismic Imaging]
 * [http://www.alpha11.com/alpha11.html Samsung Alpha-11 Project]
 * [[http://www.compaq.com/|Compaq Corporation]]
 * [[http://www.digital.com/|Digital Equipment Corporation]]
 * [[http://www.fugro-fsi.com/|Fugro Seismic Imaging]]
 * [[http://www.alpha11.com/alpha11.html|Samsung Alpha-11 Project]]

 1. The Red and Black Anemonefish [Amphiprion melanopus] usually has one white bar on the head behind the eye, although some fish lack a bar. Its breast, belly and dorsal fin are red to orange. Much of the side of the body is black.

How/where the machine was maintained

History prior to arriving to UCC

  • Melanopus was the GFS locking server for FSI's filesystem cluster.

UCC machine history

  • Melanopus is sitting in the clubroom as a user machine, where Seriola used to live.

Current machine tasks

Current software configuration

  • Debian Sarge, GNOME

Current hardware configuration

  • 2x 733MHz Alpha EV67 processors with 8MB cache
  • 1.5GB RAM
  • 18GB SCSI disc

Future plans for the machine

  • None

Special Notes

  • Onboard USB is meant to be supported by the OHCI driver, but doesn't seem to work under the latest Linux 2.4.
  • Something in Debian's Linux 2.6 kernels prevents sd_mod from loading properly. No SCSI driver == bad.

Thanks to:

  • Fugro Seismic Imaging for their donation of the machine, and
  • PXY and TRS for making it work.