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== Change Log ==
 * [[ChangeLog]] Please enter a short description of any work that is performed on this page
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 * <!> [[https://secure.ucc.asn.au/cacti|Cacti]] [[https://secure.ucc.asn.au/cacti/graph_view.php|Unathenticated view-only]]
 * Smokepings
 * Smokeping
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  * --([[http://lethe.uwa.edu.au/smokeping.cgi|UWA]])-- broken
 * --([[http://netmap.ucs.uwa.edu.au/netmap/|UWA Network Weather Map]])-- broken
 * --([[https://secure.uwa.edu.au/ucs/subnet/subnet_list.php|UWA Subnet Contacts]])-- broken
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 * [[http://ucc.asn.au/stats/|Per-machine statistics]]
 * [[http://ucc.asn.au/stats/temp.html|Temperature graphs]]
 * --([[http://phonehome.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au|Phonehome]] (IP restricted))-- broken
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 * <!> [[http://curviceps.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au|Curviceps web interface]]
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 * <!> [[https://secure.ucc.asn.au/ocsreports/|OCS Inventory NG]] collects hardware and software information
 * http://wiki.ucc.asn.au/Multipath
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UCC Mission Control

Systems and Networks - because it's our job to know.

This page is a tool for Wheel members and associated hangers-on. It contains links to a number of useful places for monitoring and administration of the UCC's technical resources.

One day, this will be augmented or replaced with a real monitoring page, driven by Munin or Spong or something, which will make life happy and wonderful.. One day, ([FVP],[CFE], [*OX], [CHS], [The latest wheel member]) will graduate.

Links denoted with <!> require credentials to access. Do not post credentials or hints on this page.

Some pages may be IP restricted.

Change Log

  • ChangeLog Please enter a short description of any work that is performed on this page

Network Monitoring

Systems Monitoring

  • Twitter feed (use /home/wheel/bin/twitter-ucc-status to update)

Network Administration

Switches (IP restricted by routing)

Access Points (IP restricted by routing)

Systems Administration

Service Administration