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Clear message

UCC has a bunch of money. We should spend it on some of the following:

TODO: Curate as a $20/$200/$2000 Wishlist instead, a la ?


  • No ongoing costs, unless the purchase is able to benefit a large majority of members.
  • Everything bought for the clubroom must be purchased with security. And no, we don't have to lock down the couch (you idiot).
  • You cannot just give a price for something - we need links to *real* items with *real* prices. Saying "I can get this at half price from a mate of a mate on the second thursday of the month" isn't that helpful.

Wanted Item



Approximate Cost

More New office chairs


$219 (TODO: get spare wheels) vs robust&compact-style $39 ?

Coffee Table


Something with a nice UCC logo would be cool

Make more electronics components available to members off the shelf


Forward planning for server upgrades


Forward planning for storage upgrades



Re-merge into this master list? parts storage, pcb router, ...

More hardware dev kits


FPGA devkit

$250 $50 , Numato Opsis, Digilent Atlys?

ETool/devkit: Radio, LoRa

$110 for 2*LoRa

ETool/devkit: Thermal imager

$76 module ; $190-$480 module/kit ; USD$900 ready-to-use

ETool: Smart multimeter

$330 for

ETool: Time domain reflectometer

$? or as part of meter? Part of some switches

ETool: Benchtop PSU

2x $112.84 for , $715 (or secondhand) DP832 , 3x $58 , check support with ; 2-quadrant/4-quadrant PSU $1500+ or secondhand? ; or ? ; or $920 delivered

ETool: Electronic/Programmable dummy load

$20 for

ETool: Oscilloscope/CRO upgrade

$2681.01 for , check support with and

Disco ball refit


Already have the disco $50?

Door sensor replacement



Security system for clubroom

Fingerprint scanner for dispense

Cooler for vending machines


...vs Fridge or freezer

Up to $300 for a ~120L Bar Fridge, but contents would be subject to theft

Recabling dodgy wall ports



Machine room rebuild and sound proof


$1500 for walls + roof if built by UCC and ~$3000 for dual air conditioners

ETool: /SmartCardReaders

Proxmark III, BusPirate, SmartCards, NFC, RFID, SDR, USRP, ...

ETool: Radio, SDR

SDR, USRP, Lime, BladeRF, HackRF...

ETool: /RomBurner

$100-$800, flexible, good software support, TL866A is good value&working, but sometimes unreliable?

SMS screen

GPU crunching machine

Library upgrades - perhaps some new CCNA books?

Video conferencing stuff



ETool: Small CNC mill (good for making circuit boards!)

PS3 for Cell hacking

$499 rrp $464 for 160GB slim (or preowned?)

Gaming machine upgrade



3D capable monitor

*3-6 Monitors

not too physically big? high framerate > high resolution?


$119 Apple mouse for Napoli, a secondhand wired one might be better

3D printer spare parts, bed

printers acquired in 2017,2018, no spare parts on hand

Cool stuff we might want , , look at and computer/IT magazines,

Cardax for Cameron Hall

(!) Guild

$7000? Base Cost + Cost per door (strikes, readers) $7k ~ 1 maybe 2 doors...

Acquired Item



Approximate Cost

Projector screen to drop down in front of the shelves



$900 (target)








Lights for inside the coke machine

New sound system

Additional SSD for Heathred, it's frequently running out of space

New office chairs


USB DVD drive. ohgod none of our desktops have working optical drives.

New Keyboards

acquired in 2017

New Mice

acquired in 2017

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