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Event planning for O'Day 2008.

For ideas and notes from previous years, see ["ODay2007"] and ["ODay2006"].

{i} ''' update with weather forecast and health and safety suggestions'''

== Important Info ==
 . O'Day is on between '''time-range, date'''. UCC is stall '''number, description'''.
== T-shirts ==
'''Do we have any left to sell or should we run more? (who will do a stocktake?).''' This is money for jam from repeat members. Make sure you've got enough.

== Grabbing New Members ==
 * SMS screen '''(any chance of this?)'''
 * Arrange new-member escorts to the room - the bottom of Cameron Hall seemed to have a distinct "you're not supposed to be here" feel, and it would also give the new members a friend right off the bat.
 * Arrange people to talk to small groups of freshers in the room.
 * Either team up with other Cameron Hall clubs for BIG A2 signage on doors and ground outside or go it alone.
 * Give new members a token for a free coke (their first dispense encounter!) and get them into the room for a chat with a few friendly 2nd years.
 * '''More cool things?'''
== Posters ==
 * Big A0 posters are required. '''Any from last year still available?'''
 * Posters need to have the UCC name on them in an obvious way, rather than just being you-beaut pictures - it would be nice if poster designs were consistent. '''Who can help?'''
== Marketing Spiel ==
From 2006:

 * UCC is older than the Deparment of Computer Science - 34th year this year.
 * Cool stuff:
  * Internet coke machine - only one in Australia!
  * Manbo: Sun Enterprise server with 14 CPUs and 12 GB of RAM, running the latest Solaris Express
 * Clubroom - dozens of different sorts of computers. Eat your e-mail, read your lunch.
 * Access to webspace, e-mail, free WAIX
 * For CS students: an excellent way to get exposure to the stuff you won't get taught.
 * For non-CS students: a chance to play with the kind of equipment you only see in university and corporate environments.
 * Gamers as well - LANs etc
 * Not just a student club. Plenty of interesting people around
  * People working on Mozilla, GNOME, Flock^WSongbird (Yakk's still old guard, right?), Linux, Avahi, plenty of other stuff
 * A social club, too - our myraid events (like what?)
 * Close relationship with other CH clubs - but you don't have to join them all
 * Begin today by going up to the club, and come to Fresher's Welcome Pizza Night next week and AGM shortly after
/!\ We are not allowed to mention the fact that the Bright link gets us free Internet traffic until the person we're marketing to is a member.

 . DavydMadeley: what if we're asked a direct question (also, why the hell not?) OK, maybe we are, but don't plug it too hard. -- DavidAdam
/!\ UniSFAwiki:WorldOfWarcraft is less of an issue this year, but try not to push the computer games thing too hard.

== Publications ==
Freshers Guide: status?: based on http://davyd.ucc.asn.au/ucc-test/freshers-guide-2007.pdf

Forms: status?: based on http://davyd.ucc.asn.au/ucc-test/2007membershipform.pdf

Cards: status?

== Volunteer! ==
'''(In name - time - what format)'''

== To Do ==
=== Well beforehand ===
 * Fresher's Guide
 * Membership forms
 * Membership cards '''(enough lamination pouches?)'''
 * design posters
 * drink vouchers '''(do we need more stickers?)'''
=== The few days before ===
 * print posters (DavidAdam)
 * check committee can add new members
 * check machines are all working
=== On the day ===
 * vaccum clubroom
 * DECterm for drinks
 * get a marquee
 * pick up tables, pinup boards
 * set up posters, banners
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