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Supposedly a unit on operating systems, but has been found to be somewhat lacking in content. The beginning of the unit is used as an excuse to teach C (this may change with the new C programming unit). There is a project of varying difficultly (in 2003 it was writing a portable shell, it has gotten harder since then) which is in C. 2002 featured a make(1) replacement called bake that had to run on Windows and Linux and had "Bakefiles" as data.

The 2005 unit's project involved writing a process scheduling system, implementing simple scheduling protocols: First Come - First Served, Round Robin, Multi level feedback, etc. Remember to write sufficient documentation and use a makefile that works without any modification or command line arguments, and to make a random process generator to earn extra points.

This serves as many student's introduction to the C programming language. It unfortunately does not serve as their introduction into the debugging tools that would make it otherwise bearable.

Before CSSE borged the IT Engineering course in 2001, [[EE]] taught a far better Operating Systems course that involved hacking on [[Minix]].

Has been taught by ChrisMcDonald and LyndonWhile.

The 2005 exam was fairly crammable: Do the tutorials, memorise the notes and you should be fine for the exam. Lyndon seems to like bullet-point recall questions, whereas Chris tended to ask more open-ended long answer questions.

Textbook is by WilliamStallings (who also writes a ComputerArchitecture book), it is of passable quality, but he's certainly no AndrewTannenbaum.

[[http://undergraduate.csse.uwa.edu.au/units/CITS2230|Unit webpage]]

[[http://handbooks.uwa.edu.au/units/cits/cits2230|Handbook entry]]
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