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 * [http://au.sun.com Sun Microsystems]  * [[http://au.sun.com|Sun Microsystems]]
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 * [http://microsoft.com.au/ Microsoft]  * [[http://microsoft.com.au/|Microsoft]]
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 * [http://apple.com.au/ Apple]  * [[http://apple.com.au/|Apple]]

We should ask companies for sponsorship, either for the whole year or for specific events.

This page is to keep track of:

  • who we should ask
  • what we're asking for
  • which committee/club member is handling

and anything else related.

Potential Sponsors

  • Sun Microsystems

    • Handled by: DavydMadeley

      Asking for: SunFire?

      DavydMadeley has written a letter, but the PDF he provided everyone for review is in some crackrock format that won't allow text extraction. [DAA]

  • Microsoft

    • Handled by: DavidAdam Asking for: Action Pack subscription [DAA] No correspondence yet.

  • Apple

    • Handled by: no-one yet Asking for: an Intel Mac of some sort? [DAA]

Potential Quiz Night Sponsors

There is a form letter for sponsorship in /away/wheel/zanchey/Documents/Quiz Night - Sponsorship Form Letter.rtf

CO-ORDINATE WITH UNISFA ([JCF] and [PXY] will help you out)

  • Boffins
    • Handled by: no-one yet Asking for: something technical? or just a book voucher? [DAA]
  • Altronics/Jaycar
    • Handled by: no-one yet Asking for: no idea, vouchers? [DAA]
  • Some software company?
    • Handled by: no-one yet Asking for: t-shirts! or something [DAA]