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How to install Spore under 10.5.2!

  • Insert CD.
  • Using Terminal or something that can see invisible files, copy the whole contents of the CD to your hard disk, to somewhere like /Spore/.
  • Go to /Spore/SPORE\(TM\)\ Install.app/Contents/Resources/
  • Open tgInstall.plist
  • Comment out a bit here like so:

<array> <!--<string>$INSTALLVOLUME/installer/INSTALLDATA.tgz=6352d7a8f78e9750444ba8aa26806a7201dd66fb</string>--> </array>
  • Find/Replace $INSTALLDIR to be /Spore (or wherever you copied the contents of the disc to) -Change the MinimumSystemVersion like so:

  • Install the game!

To Play:

  • Go to /Applications/SPORE/SPORE.app/Contents/ (or wherever you installed it to)
  • Edit Info.plist -Change the MinimumSystemVersion like so:


It's working fine for me on 10.5.2 with a 8800GT. YMMV.