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 * SP3, avoids Conficker and potentially future problems too. Also required by some software these days.
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 * Adobe Reader 9
 * InfraRecorder

One day, it would be nice to have a standard operating environment for UCC clubroom machines. Currently the state of them could be described as varying degrees of broken, partly due to having no defined procedure for setting them up. The purpose of this page is to brainstorm what this procedure should be.

Steps marked with <!> require a wheel member, anything else can be done by a winadmin.

Windows XP

Steps to do before/during installation

  • Add forward and reverse DNS entries for the machine. <!> Not essential for setup

  • Add the machine to DHCP. <!> Not essential for setup

  • Add the machine to Samba (create a local account for it on musundo). <!> Probably only needs to be added in LDAP, and thus could be made available to winadmins via ACLs

During/after installation

  • Install Windows XP SP2 and configure it to be part of the domain 'UCCDOMAIN'. <!> why does this require wheel rights?

  • Install device drivers (graphics and sound most importantly).
  • Set up printing.
  • Add Winadmins to computer administrators.
  • Configure WPKG. Install WPKG Client 1.2.1.msi, and load settings.xml, both in //musundo/wpkg

  • Turn Windows Updates on to fully-automatic.
  • Add static route for at a command prompt, type

route add -p MASK

Software to install

Software in this list should either be free to download and install, or something that the UCC has a license for. Some preference is given to software which is [http://wpkg.org/Category:Silent_Installers easily deployed with WPKG].

What about...

  • ActiveState ActivePython and/or ActivePerl

  • Eclipse? Massive but apparently Java programmers love it
  • NetBeans? Not nearly as massive (but still quite large)

  • Komodo Edit, a rather nice lightweight programmers' editor
  • gVim, the logical alternative to the above
  • TortoiseSVN
  • Cygwin I vote no, it's horrible [DAA]

  • sequoiaview?
  • Hardware design tools like ..
  • SwitcherCADIII (free download with very active support list)
  • Ultium Designer (on at least one machine) or Free (limited) version of Eagle
  • Pushing the UCC CA out over WPKG? http://wpkg.org/SSL_CA_Install

  • Inkscape
  • The GIMP
  • SP3, avoids Conficker and potentially future problems too. Also required by some software these days.

Installed automatically via WPKG

Linux machines

  • Add a root user and nuke the initial unprivileged user
  • Change sources.list to use UWA's mirror %s/au.archive.ubuntu.com/mirrors.uwa.edu.au\/ubuntu/
  • Install packages: nfs-common zsh ncurses-term vim screen bzflag
  • Set up NFS:
    • Add the machine to DNS if it isn't there already
    • Add the ethernet (MAC) address to madako's /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf if it isn't there already
    • Add the machine to the 'sharemgr share' output on Musundo
    • Add the fstab line (copy off martello or something)
    • mount -a and hope
  • Set up ["LDAP"]
  • Ensure nsswitch.conf uses ldap for groups, passwd, and services - the latter is not done by default on most configurations.
  • Install dispense: copy /usr/local/bin/dispense, /usr/local/lib/libucc.so and /usr/share/man/man1/dispense.1.gz off a machine with a similar architecture
  • Add the UCC root SSH keys: add the hostname to /home/wheel/bin/uccroot/push.sh, then run that script.
  • Install the UCC motd system on machines which mount /home: add the following line to /etc/inetd.conf:

motda   stream  tcp     nowait  root    /home/wheel/bin/motd.update.sh motda