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   1 Hi Ben,
   3 Unfortunately we have already been advertising and selling tickets for this event, as we felt we could not wait any longer for the EMP to be approved.
   5 So far, only 16 people are attending the camp, 2 of whom are underage.
   7 One is the club president, Samuel Shenton, whilst the other is the son of another committee member who is also attending.
   9 We can agree to restrict future ticket sales to 18+ only.
  11 However, given that one underage attendee is involved in organising the event, and another will be under the supervision of his legal guardian, we would like an exception for these two cases. We are willing to obtain consent forms or waivers if required.
  13 I would also like to raise some concerns about the guild's handling of off campus events.
  15 Firstly, there have been significant delays between the submission of EMPs and their approval (or disapproval). I have spoken to some other club representatives, and found that this has been widespread with some EMPs not being approved until the day of the event.
  17 This makes it difficult to advertise events, and creates uncertainty when the guild's position can change between EMP submission and the actual event date.
  19 Secondly, a blanket approach of either 18+ only or alcohol free events may not be the ideal solution to the recent problems with off campus events.
  21 The UCC Camp in particular will suffer from a withdrawal of support amongst members regardless of which condition is met.
  23 To enforce banning alcohol completely at a camp will require rescources that clubs do not have. It also creates resentment towards the club and guild from attendees who are over 18 and legally entitled to make their own decisions relating to alcohol consumption.
  25 The alternative of preventing underage people from attending the camp may be easier to enforce, but it is detrimental to clubs which rely upon engaging the interest of first year students for their long term survival.
  27 Although it may be rare, you will also have problems with cases such as ours, when a mature age student is attending an event and wants to bring their children.
  29 Ideally clubs should be able to run events allowing BYO alcohol and underage attendees, provided that risks of underage drinking can be properly managed.
  31 I'm concerned that attempting to restrict clubs from doing so may lead to situations where events are run without guild knowledge or approval.
  33 Kind Regards,
  34 Sam Moore
  35 UCC Vice President 2013

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