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First, set a date. You will need at least two days to get things sorted out, but for optimum promotion you should have a date well in advance.

Well before the date

Before people arrive

  • Phone security on 3020 to let them know you have a night pass and will be in the building overnight.
  • Make sure you've got the night pass pinned to the door.
  • Clean up in the loft - sweep, empty bins, tip water over resident roleplayers.
  • Arrange the tables and chairs (it gets really hot under the lights, so don't put people sitting there)
  • Sort out power: use extension cords to pull from as many different circuits as possible (i.e. the wall in the loft, the corridor wall under the fire extinguisher outside UWAnime, drop a cord down into UCC) and make sure there aren't too many power boards connected to each other.
  • Bring the CAT5 box upstairs.
  • Get the switches out of the machine room and connect them up - use Gi0/1 on lorenzo as the uplink (makes it much easier to see errors on the link, and to fix it if spanning-tree screws up like it did last time).
  • Find a Wheel member and get them to set up the network:
    • The loft is VLAN 5.
    • Put any clubroom Windows machines on VLAN 5 - on the Ciscos, don't do 'wri mem' and then you can just reboot them when you're done.
    • Don't put any of the Mac or Linux machines on VLAN 5. NFS will break.

    • Check the firewall - it should look something like this, with line 2 commented and line 4 uncommented. If it's the other way round, change it.

{{{# And Loft #$IPTABLES -A FORWARD -i eth0.5 -d -j UNTRUSTED # Use this instead for LANs $IPTABLES -A FORWARD -i eth0.5 -d -j ACCEPT }}}

  • Start the TF2 and ET servers if not already running. TF2 is run as the gameserver user on martello, use the to start it. ET is started by running /space/games/enemy-territory/start-etded-etpub on mussel.

Commonly played games

It's a good idea to mention these in the email, so hopefully people can install and/or patch up before the night.

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (see the page at for install and patch guide.)

  • Warcraft 3 (version 1.21b)
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Counterstrike: Source

Less common games that may also be played:

  • Battlefield: 1942
  • Supreme Commander
  • C&C 3

  • UT2004

During the night

  • Consider a pizza order.
  • Make sure the bottom doors stay locked (especially if there's a Leisure, etc. event on)

  • If people have odd DHCP problems:
    • Make sure we're not running out of leases (how? should be added to Network/Services#DHCP)

    • Make sure there are no extra DHCP servers on the network. You can run the following command as root Madako to scan for rogue DHCP servers.

/root/dhcp_probe-1.0.4/src/dhcp_probe -fc /root/dhcp_probe-1.0.4/extras/ eth0.5

The next morning

  • Even though you're tired and/or wired, the more packing up you can do the better.
  • Put the network back to normal - including changing the firewall back.
  • If you're going to go to sleep and there's no-one else around, lock the top doors. Stuff has been stolen before.