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Connecting to the UCC VPN allows you access to internal resources that are normally firewalled off.

There are two VPN methods - the new IPsec VPN and the old PPTP VPN. The latter is deprecated. The new VPN works on all modern devices.

Connecting to the VPN

Windows 7

Follow the directions from the strongSwan wiki

  • Use as the Internet address

  • No need to set any advanced settings (if you do, you want IKEv2 and authentication via EAP-MSCHAPv2) .


  • Use IPsec RSA Hybrid

Technical bits

IKE/IPsec setup is done by strongSwan on Murasoi. There are similar setups for IKEv1 (Android, iOS) and IKEv2 (Windows).

The XAuth/EAP authentication (IKEv1 and v2 respectively) is passed to the RADIUS server, which also handles accounting. select username, sum(acctinputoctets), sum(acctoutputoctets) from radacct where nasporttype='Virtual' group by username; will give you a nice sum of traffic over the VPN.

Clients get a IPv4 and IPv6 address from the ranges in Network.