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The webcam images are archived to /space/webcam/archive every minute by a cronjob on martello. There is a script in mussel:/space/users/trs80/create-movie that will create movies from these archives.

What I would like is to archive the images and movies away to a series of DVDs. There was a start of this at http://cvs.ucc.asn.au/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/anoncvs/projects/webcamhtml/ but it was extremely simple.

Features wanted:

  • Standard naviagation like the current online archive
    • this could be done with a modification of the existing Javascript I expect ;)

  • Daily movies linked in somehow on most pages
  • Thumbnail views of an entire hour (or more) at once
    • is it worth resizing the images or just let the browser do (ugly) scaling?