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The UCC Website

Kinda sucks. We have people fixing it.

It's not just webmasters than can write things to go on the website! E-mail it to us and we'll upload it, and you can apply for membership of webmasters simply by e-mailing the list or by bullying a nearby Wheel member. If you don't want to be a webmaster but do want to add content to the site, the best format to send us the content in is plain text.


To edit a page on the UCC website, you need to first be in the webmasters group (www-data). Next edit the .ucc file for the page you want to edit (NOT the .html, it is dynamically generated from the .ucc file). Check the .html page has updated after changing the .ucc file, sometimes it likes to mess around with your head - you may even have to delete the .html file to force it to update.

DOCTYPE grahame

Some .ucc files are actually XML files using the 'grahame' DOCTYPE, others are written in Markdown, and both are parsed by the XSL Template /services/http/.build/xhtml11.xsl to become the webpage that the user sees. If you are feeling masochistic you are free to read the xsl file to try and understand the format used, but reading the existing pages is easier. In the interests of future compatability and upgrades, try and use markdown instead of DOCTYPE grahame, it's much more portable.


So that we can keep track of things, google analytics code has been added to the core pages of the site by modifying /services/http/.build/xhtml11.xsl. There are also plans to add google analytics to the wiki. For more information and access to the analytics, speak to Matt Didcoe, who has clue.

A note on permissions

There are a number of files that webmasters can not access, mostly because there is no need. Here is a short list to save you a lot of time and sanity: anything to do with 'planet ucc' and its associated styles, and any of the wiki config/theme files. Luckily for you, these files are segregated from the rest of the site and the need to change them is very rare.

Pages that should be written


Pages that need updating


  • FAQ - incorrect and largely redundant "I vote we just get rid of it, we have so many questions that we need a wiki, not an FAQ [BOB]"
  • Newsletters - someone upload the 06 Murphy's Lore?


  • snack.ucc - needs some new pics, and updating
  • news.ucc - needs about four more lines to make it useful "I think this is redundant, orphaned, and out of date for a reason - nobody uses it. I vote we delete it [BOB]"
  • web.ucc - ucc-adduser creates web directories these days, add info about the proxying we do, how you can't use .htaccess to do IP filtering without mod_rewrite, why to not rely on HTTP_CLIENT_IP or whatever the header is, etc.
  • ftp.ucc - probably needs reworking for SFTP or deleting entirely


  • We really need to update and improve our sponsorship page, that way we have something to offer potential sponsors in the way of exposure

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