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The UCC Website

Kinda sucks.

It's not just webmasters than can write things to go on the website! E-mail it to us and we'll upload it, and you can apply for membership of webmasters simply by e-mailing the list or by bullying a nearby Wheel member.

Pages that should be written


Pages that need updating


  • FAQ - incorrect and largely redundant
  • Newsletters - someone upload the 06 Murphy's Lore?


  • snack.ucc - oh man
  • news.ucc - needs about four more lines to make it useful
  • web.ucc - ucc-adduser creates web directories these days, add info about the proxying we do, how you can't use .htaccess to do IP filtering without mod_rewrite, why to not rely on HTTP_CLIENT_IP or whatever the header is, etc.
  • ftp.ucc - probably needs reworking for SFTP or deleting entirely


  • Sporadically updated with information or new machines, but in general is pretty out of date


  • Requires first actually having projects


  • Anti-sponsorship page?