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The UCC Website

Kinda sucks.

It's not just webmasters than can write things to go on the website! E-mail it to us and we'll upload it, and you can apply for membership of webmasters simply by e-mailing the list or by bullying a nearby Wheel member.


To edit a page on the UCC website, you need to first be in the webmasters group (www-data). Next edit the .ucc file for the page you want to edit (NOT the .html, it is dynamically generated from the .ucc file)

DOCTYPE graham

All .ucc files are actually XML files using the 'graham' DOCTYPE that are parsed by the XSL Template ~http/.build/xhtml11.xsl to become the webpage that the user sees. If you are feeling masochistic you are free to read the xsl file to try and understand the format used, but reading the existing pages is easier.

Pages that should be written


Pages that need updating


  • FAQ - incorrect and largely redundant
  • Newsletters - someone upload the 06 Murphy's Lore?


  • snack.ucc - oh man
  • news.ucc - needs about four more lines to make it useful
  • web.ucc - ucc-adduser creates web directories these days, add info about the proxying we do, how you can't use .htaccess to do IP filtering without mod_rewrite, why to not rely on HTTP_CLIENT_IP or whatever the header is, etc.
  • ftp.ucc - probably needs reworking for SFTP or deleting entirely


  • Sporadically updated with information or new machines, but in general is pretty out of date


  • Requires first actually having projects


  • Anti-sponsorship page?