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 * [[http://myanimelist.net/animelist/arend?&order=4|arend]] - this is Arend Pramoko's list... sorry

This is the UCC's myanimelist collection. You may have been looking for the anything else.

This is a collection of user's myanimelists. This page is open for anyone to read, post their animelists, etc.



  • cheese852 - Oscar Hermoso's weeb tastes, probably better than yours

  • kommander_kake - Samuel Shen10/10's bad opinions, still probably better than yours

  • hantale - Ryan Hall has bad taste, don't go here for recommendations

  • vanbujm - JVB master edgelord has a start-up list, but needs updating.

  • arend - this is Arend Pramoko's list... sorry