"Membership provides the tools, resources, and support you need to develop and distribute apps and games, including access to app services, testing tools, app analytics, and more."


UCC is enrolled in Apple Developer Program with NPO fee waiver from 15 April 2024. The fee waiver comes with certain conditions, including prohibition of paid applications/in-app purchase and usage of IDE/SDK on Hackintosh. Link contains more details.

How to get on board

To join in UCC's developer team, please contact with the account holder (currently is [ROY]). There is no limitation on team size, however, every Apple account can only join in up to 50 teams. Wheel members will get 'Admin' role, ordinary members will get 'Developer' by default. If you need more priviledge please contact with the account holder.

How to apply fee waiver for orgs

  1. Retrieve D-U-N-S number for your organisation. If Apple doesn't recongise it even after D-U-N-S number is issued, contact Apple support and they will sort it out.
  2. Lodge fee waiver application with a correct type. For Australian NPOs, ACNC record should be enough.
  3. Provide authorisation proof showing applicant is an employee or staff. In UCC case committee membership and a meeting minutes with an authorisation vote is needed.
  4. Account holder role will be granted to applicant by default. This can be transfered later, however, Apple only accept accounts with valid PhotoID provided. (Hence accounts holded by "ACC Murphy" is not feasible)
  5. Renew annually, (for UCC) appoint a committee member to be the account holder.