Packages required on FreeBSD:

  • python25
  • openldap-client
  • git (and deps: renderproto kbproto expat ca_root_nss tcl-modules tcl perl p5-Net-SMTP-SSL p5-Error curl pkg-config xproto libXau libXdmcp freetype2 fontconfig libpthread-stubs libxcb libX11 libXrender libXft tk cvsps)
  • gettext
  • autoconf262 (and deps: m4)
  • automake14 automake17 automake18 automake19 automake110
  • subversion (and deps: sqlite3 gdbm db42 neon28 apr-gdbm-db42)
  • p5-XML-Parser
  • p5-XML-Simple (and deps: p5-XML-NamespaceSupport p5-XML-SAX p5-XML-SAX-Expat)

  • docbook-utils (and deps: xextproto printproto libwww xmlcatmgr jade dsssl-docbook-modular tex-texmflocal gsfonts cmpsfont amspsfnt teTeX-texmf p5-SGMLSpm texi2html png jpeg libICE libSM gd libXext libXp libXt libXpm libXmu libXaw t1lib ghostscript8 teTeX-base jadetex lynx )
  • docbook-310 docbook-xml-430 docboox-xml-440 docbook-xsl
  • jasper
  • popt
  • libXtst
  • bison flex
  • icu
  • libXrandr (and deps: randrproto)
  • libffi
  • libical (to fix screwiness with libtool when building libical... yeah.)
  • libvorbis (and deps: libogg)
  • libGL (and deps: xf86vidmodeproto fixesproto dri2proto damageproto libdrm libXxf86vm libXfixes libXdamage)
  • libXcomposite (and deps: compositeproto)
  • zip
  • dblatex
  • cmake
  • vala (and deps: gnomehier)

docbook2html doesn't get installed with the short name, so run:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/docbook2html .local/bin/db2html

The jhbuild bootstrap libtool is required, as libtool 1.5.26 (shipped in ports) is too old. Build the new one with:

jhbuild --moduleset bootstrap build libtool

For whatever reason libraries occasionally don't get symlinks created.

jhbuild shell
cd $PREFIX/lib
ln -s
ln -s


os.environ['MAKE'] = 'gmake'
os.environ['CPPFLAGS'] = "-I/usr/local/include"
os.environ['LDFLAGS'] = "-L/usr/local/lib"
os.environ['XML_CATALOG_FILES'] = '/usr/local/share/xml/catalog'
module_autogenargs['libxml2'] = autogenargs + ' --with-python=/usr/local'
#gtk-doc doesn't believe in environment variables or letting programs do their own thing
module_autogenargs['gtk-doc'] = autogenargs + ' --with-xml-catalog=/usr/local/share/xml/catalog'
# dtrace doesn't work without a dtrace-enabled kernel installed, which we should probably do at some point
module_autogenargs['glib'] = autogenargs + ' --disable-dtrace'

Current Issues

Unsolved build failures

(86/219, or 39%):
libdaemon avahi gamin libvolume_id hal libproxy gnome-disk-utility brasero nspr nss libical evolution-data-server bug-buddy pulseaudio cheese libcanberra metacity gnome-panel gnome-control-center gnome-python gnome-python-desktop deskbar-applet libsigc++2 ptlib opal ekiga telepathy-mission-control libnice farsight2 telepathy-farsight clutter clutter-cairo libchamplain empathy poppler evolution evolution-exchange tevent samba4 libmapi evolution-mapi evolution-webcal gcalctool gdm gnome-applets gnome-bluetooth vte ggz-client-libs clutter-gtk gnome-games gnome-netstatus gnome-mag gnome-power-manager gnome-session glibmm cairomm pangomm gtkmm gnome-system-monitor liboobs gnome-system-tools gnome-terminal gnome-user-share gnome-utils gok libgail-gnome mousetweaks orca hamster-applet seahorse-plugins sound-juicer swfdec swfdec-gnome tomboy totem vino gtk-vnc vinagre yelp pessulus sabayon accerciser autogen libgda devhelp anjuta

Fixed Bugs