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This unit used to be good. It used to teach you something with original, challenging problems. It used to have a lecturer you could understand. Then DavidHuang started lecturing the unit. To say the least, David is impossible to understand, and it is the first time I have ever walked out half way through the first lecture. On the bright side, David simply reuses old material and questions from the textbook - so if you can find someone who has done the unit before you're set. This can also be a serious Trap for lazy people!

Covers amplifiers, 2-port networks, small signal transistor model and more. Lab work includes simulations using PSPICE and then realisation in the laboratory. PSPICE (especially the free student version) is pretty old and outdated, and the lecturer usually neglects to mention that the student version is missing half the functions you'll require to do the prelabs. Otherwise, quite an instructive unit and one of the few where you actually gain knowledge and experience with real electronics.

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