The UCC clubroom is open to everyone that steps foot into Cameron Hall. It's a place to hangout with friends, game or study. We also have various resources that people are welcome to use, such as the whiteboard hanging in the corner of the room next to our Mac. The whiteboard is used for various things such as recording what committee needs to buy on a supply run, busy bee attendance and most often it is used for fun.

One of the reoccuring things people write on the whiteboard is a question or poll that others are encouraged to answer by writing a tally underneath the question in the for or against section. Here's all the recorded questions and various drawings that people have taken pictures of.

Our discord server is very active with lots of different channels. One of the main channels, #ucc often has it's topic changed by various members. The topic must describe what else UCC can stand for other than University Computer Club, ie University Cricket Club. Here is a list of what the topic has previously been changed to.