Coblet was thrown in the bin during a fit of rage at some point in 2011, or possibly 2010, by [BOB]. It has been replaced with the stupidly named Combto

Coblet is a combination of the names Cobbler and Velvet, two computers who got together and had a good time. While coblet isn't technically a fish, the name definitely sounds fishy. Also aptly named for being cobbled together from parts.

How/where the machine was obtained

Built in UCC out of spare parts, most of which came from Cobbler and Velvet (both long dead).

Current machine tasks

Projects Bench computer. [BOB] will hunt down and slowly torture anyone who uses it for gaming.

Current software configuration

Debian Lenny, and WinXP

Useful utilities installed

  • EagleCAD (trail version)
  • Tortoise SVN
  • AVR studio with winAVR
  • Minicom, Microcom, and Picocom (linux serial communication programs)

Suggested utilities to install

  • Crosstool-ng (toolchain builder)


It is not a secure computer, and isn't on the ucc domain - so don't expect it to be safe to do your personal banking on

Current hardware configuration

Athlon XP, 512MB RAM, 40GB hard disk

Future plans for the machine

Install more useful utilities on it to configure microcontrollers with.

Thanks to:

[FEL] for donating a screen and screen protector, [BOB] for building it and setting it up