Computer Networks is a fairly interesting unit which covers topics which you probably take for granted every day to just 'work'. ChrisMcDonald lectures and does a pretty good job on some pretty dry material.. :) If you like the sound of the OSI network model, TCP, Datagrams, Selective Repeat protocols and Distance Vector Routing then this unit is for you.

The project for the unit varies from year to year, but usually involves writing C-like code (not really quite C code since it's abstracted somewhat for you and linked in a strange way) to simulate various layers of a network in Chris's Cnet framework. The 2006 project involved writing code which simulated a wireless node which moved around a map and sent messages to other nearby nodes. The project is worth as much as the end of semester exam, so START WORK ON IT EARLY.

Chris is helpful in the lab sessions, but doesn't like being asked dumb C questions (eg. in the style of "zomg my code doesn't work, it's obviously your crap framework because i am t3h 1337, so how do i fix?"). He also has a strong dislike for mangled english, so spell and phrase your sentences properly.

The end of semester exam is usually quite similar to past year's papers. Questions are usually phrased quite openly which can be both a burden (as in you don't know if what you're writing is good or not and on topic), and also a blessing (you don't need to memorise very specific things).

Taken by ChrisMcDonald.

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