Members of the South American Corydoras genus are freshwater temperate and tropical catfish in the armored catfish family (Corydoradinae subfamily), and are commonly referred to as corydoras, cories, or cory catfish. The name Corydoras is derived from the Greek kory (helmet) and doras (skin). Corydoras is by far the largest genus of Neotropical fishes with more than 142 species.

History prior to arriving to UCC

New Machine.

UCC machine history

Designed as a replacement for Cockgrunter. The first Windows 10 machine and microATX machine in the clubroom.

Current machine tasks

Gaming/testing how broken Windows 10 is.

Current software configuration

Windows 10, which hasn't yet been changed to oligoboot yet.

Current hardware configuration


Asrock H97M-Pro4


Intel i5-4690



Graphics Card

Nvidia GTX 960

Power Supply

Corsair CX600M

Hard Drives

1TB WD Black

Future plans for the machine

Fix the drive partitions.

Thanks to:

[JDN] for designing, [*OX] for splitting shipping and buying an identical machine for himself.