A venomous fish, also known as the Blackbelly Rosefish

How/where the machine was obtained

Donated by Roland Kerr [LTD] in September 2009

History prior to arriving to UCC

It was Rolands gaming box before he bought something more sparkly

UCC machine history

Hasn't been here long enough to have a history. It must have done something bad though because it's chained down

Current machine tasks

User box and...Gaming!

Current software configuration

WinXP pro, Mandriva

Current hardware configuration

P4 3GHz, 2GB RAM, Radeon 9600 256MB

Future plans for the machine

Roland has requested that Ubuntu does not get put on it

Thanks to:

Roland Kerr [LTD], Daniel Axtens [DJA] for setting up Mandriva, Bob Adamson [BOB] for setting up Windows