Welcome to v0.1 of UCCs simple project system.

A project can be either Active, Inactive, or Complete.

  • Active - stuff is actively happening. (>=1 working)

  • Inactive - a to do or cool idea that no-one has taken on. nothing is happening.
  • Completed - stuff that's been done that we keep here to remind ourselves of our past greatness.

See also AdminProjects; these generally need the help of wheel to work on.



  • fix plotter

Coke Machine

FIXME - how many of these are still inactive?

  • replace last original fan and tidy up power
  • replace empty slot detection
    • remove optosensor and old sensor cabling
  • update power supply
  • LEDs at front
  • tidy up relays
  • rewire serial port
  • general clean
  • grab copy of EPROM image and install ZIF socket

Snack Machine

  • check fans


* Snack Machine card reader