David Basden


David has been a member of UCC since December 1993, while getting an early start in study avoidance in high-school.

Despite being an active member for most of the time since, he actually avoided enrolling at any sort of tertiary institution until relatively recently. In 2004 he started studying a BCompSci at UWA as a mature age student. Rumours has it that before this he was trying to find something to exchange for goods and services out in the BigBlueRoom.

Interests and Projects

Amateur Radio

Operating Systems

  • Has written his own toy OS, called DeLiRiuM. He hopes this name suitably reflects the madness within. At the time of writing, DeLiRiuM has threading, frame allocation, paging, IPC, a read-only filesystem, keyboard and standard VGA support.


  • When inebriated, David also brags of a user-space that includes a real live ABI, an ELF loader and ConwaysGameOfLife as a killer-app. DeLiRiuM's bootstrap shell Eve is also compatible with the UCC classic McShell. From his experiences, David has learnt two things of great import:

    • Don't trust GCC's assembler.
    • As LinusTorvalds has previously stated, when starting to write an OperatingSystem it is of vital importance to not know how much work is involved.


MeatSpace: The UCC Clubroom

Email: <davidb AT SPAMFREE ucc DOT asn DOT au>