This is a provisional page about the 2 Dell R710 machines.


  • CPU: 2x2.66GHz
  • Memory: 12x4GB DIMM@1333MHz, 18slots each available
  • Remote Control: iDRAC6 Enterprise
  • JBOD cards candidates
    • Model SAS3082E-R (IT mode) no support for large (>2TB) SATA drives (SAS should work, not verified)

    • Model LSI 9211-8i (IT mode) support verified
  • Interactive LCD (Bottom R710's buttons are broken) with fault report


  • UEFI/BIOS: version 6.6.0 (latest)
  • Lifecycle controller:
  • iDRAC firmware: 2.92

Machine tasks

  • They will be deployed as our new backup servers
  • One of them will stay on-site, sync with server clusters in real-time
  • The other one will be deployed off-site (Thank you [TRS] for negotiation), sync with the on-site server at night
  • The twin Dells will be constructed as identical for easier debug/recovery

Additional information