MoinMoin DesktopEdition is the easiest way to run moin, without much installation and without separate server software (this is why its built-in server is also called the standalone server).

It is intended as a local personal information manager.


  • if you don't already have Python installed (Linux systems often have it by default, Mac OS X also, Windows usually needs manual installation), get it from

  • download the moin distribution archive from MoinMoinDownload

  • unpack it (will give some moin-1.x.x directory)

If you prefer to work with a repository checkout instead of a release archive, the procedure is like above, but you additionally have to unpack the underlay pages:

  • cd moin-1.x.x/wiki

  • tar xf underlay.tar


  • cd moin-1.x.x

  • ./ (or click on

  • now a fresh moin wiki will run on http://localhost:8080/ :)

  • you can terminate the wiki server either by using Ctrl-C or closing the window

Wiki Server Configuration

If you need to use a configuration different from the standard configuration you can edit the in the toplevel directory, see the comments there.

(!) By default, moin only listens on the localhost interface. Before opening it to a wider audience, please check if the security settings of moin are what you want. Especially the DesktopEdition and acl_rights_* settings might need changes if you don't use it for personal use and on localhost only.

Wiki Server Logging Configuration

See wikiserverlogging.conf.

(!) You maybe usually don't want to change that, but you can - e.g. if you like to have more log output for debugging.

Wiki Configuration

See the in the toplevel directory. HelpOnConfiguration lists the configuration options. You maybe also want to look at the sample config in the wiki/config/ directory.

See also: HelpOnInstalling/StandaloneServer