IVLAN Memorial Scholarships for UCC Camp

Lionel, TRS-80 and I will be sponsoring the IVLAN Memorial Scholarship in 2018. We have 5 babies to provide for between us so what’s one more?

The IVLAN Memorial Scholarship confers upon the recipient

  • a free ticket to UCC Camp
  • additional supplies and provisions for UCC Camp
  • membership into the elite ranks of the FUCC

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New recruits to the FUCC are selected annually from the University Computer Club. They are outstanding young women and men of diverse backgrounds and interests who show strong potential to be the abusive teamkilling assholes needed to guarantee the club's future.

Selection is by committees comprised of FUCC alumni, members of the glorious mob of idiots that wrecked the clubroom during 2001-2005 and have stuck around like a bad smell ever since. The selection criteria vary wildly and can change on a moment's notice.

Applications should be sent via Discord PM to coxy#6502. Further details are below.

Selection Criteria.

The selection criteria are:

  • singleplayer and multiplayer attainments
  • energy to keep one's opposing team stuck in base angrily spamming chat
  • truth, courage, picking engineer even if everyone else is panzering, sympathy for and protection of the fuel dump, kindliness, unselfishness (no seriously we need an engineer) and fellowship
  • moral force of character and instincts to lead, to play whatever everyone else at the LAN is without complaining, and to take an interest in one's fellow beings (ffs can we get an engineer please)

In general, the committee will select applicants of outstanding intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to party rocking. The FUCC warmly welcomes applications from talented young women and men of diverse backgrounds. Selection of FUCC members is made without regard to gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, colour, religion, social background, caste, or disability (we do discriminate against bronies though).

Eligibility Criteria for the IVLAN Memorial Scholarship.

The following eligibility criteria apply to all applicants for the IVLAN Memorial Scholarship:

  • Citizenship & residency: Each applicant must be enrolled at UWA, a UCC member, and have never attended a UCC Camp previously.

  • Education: Each applicant must give confidence that those flying the pink-and-orange will aggravate pugs to the point of getting more entries added to Urban Dictionary.
  • Availability: Applicants must agree to play at least one campaign of Wolf:ET at camp, preferably without picking mortar.

Application Details.

In broad terms, applications will require the following materials in differing forms (oh and if you submit your app in comic sans you're cut off, no exceptions this time):

  • Curriculum vitae/resumé or list of Sick Cheevos
  • Personal statement or essay (including, crucially, a clear statement of how the applicant wishes to teamkill Bob during UCC Camp)
  • List of gaming and/or partying anecdotes (several are required) which demonstrate the talent and fortitude of the applicant, ideally making mention of Enemy Territory, Pokemon, League of Legends and Starcraft.
  • to be honest we'll accept pretty much anything. why is it so hard to give away free money. just tell us why you want to got to camp and you're a lock

Contact: [email protected]

FUCC Scholars


Jono Astbury, Jordan Meerwald & Ryan Nicholson


Erin Steicke


Pradyumn Vij


Grace Rosario & Alfred Burgess


Emily Law