This unit is taught using Haskell, a functional programming language and the hugs interpreter.

The unit contains some challenging content, especially for those not already exposed to functional programming. This knowledge is supposedly used again in FunctionalProgrammingCITS3211.

In 2002 it was taught using Apple (bubblegum) iMacs and OS9, so it also served as a good introduction into the stupidity that is OS dependent line breaks. Those macs are now gone. Now students have a choice between Windows XP, Fedora Core Linux and OSX.

For those who have done the unit before, it is blindingly easy. However, due to the percieved simplicity of the content freshers are known for regarding it as an easy pass. This is not true, and you will quickly find yourself quite behind, if you don't attend. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a liar or did it twice.

  • DavydMadeley: not strictly true, I never turned up to any lectures

    SamSpencer: logically, you are either a liar or you did it twice

Past lecturers include LuigiBarone and LyndonWhile.

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