The Gumby Management System (GMS)

Read /services/gms/README 

With LDAP/UCCSchema in place, the road is open for a web-based member management system that doesn't suck too badly.


Stage 1

  • Members can log in and view their information
  • Committee can log in and view other people's information

Stage 2

  • Members can edit the relevant parts of their information
  • Committee can log in and edit other people's information

Stage 3

  • Members can renew online (perhaps with automatic confirmation if they pay via PayPal?)

    • This will probably require some sort of staging, such as storing changes in ou=pending within the uid's DN until they are confirmed by a committee member.

In the future

  • Creating new accounts?
  • Other?


  • GMS should only run over SSL
  • GMS should let users authenticate as themselves to LDAP, at least for viewing
    • However, attributes like uccAccountRenewed should probably not be writeable by users - GMS will probably need a service-specific LDAP account
  • The updates that GMS makes will be logged in the LDAP audit log, which might need to be archived for a longer period of time. Alternatively, GMS could make its own logs.

== Other thigns to remember