[TPG] has set up a "GitLab" instance on a VM, running at https://gitlab.ucc.asn.au/

GitLab is a git repository manager, similar to GitHub, and looks to be a good replacement for gitosis+gitweb.


It's a VM on medico, with a small HDD; a separate partition is available for /var to avoid filling the disk with logs.

GitLab itself was installed from a .deb acquired from the GitLab website, which installs to /opt/gitlab.

It's now kept up to date using the GitLab package server.

GitLab has been configured (using the config file in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb) to store repositories in /services/gitlab. This is a mount of services:/services/gitlab (the VM is only allowed access to this subdir, safety first.)


To start/restart/stop the GitLab service, use the gitlab-ctl tool.

  • gitlab-ctl start - Start the services

  • gitlab-ctl stop - Stop the services

  • gitlab-ctl reconfigure - Apply any changes from /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

Documentation of gitlab maintenance can be found at https://docs.gitlab.com/omnibus/maintenance/README.html