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  * Provides single system which allows easy regular changing of root passwords and managed by elected officials   * Provides single system which allows easy regular changing of root passwords

Over the summer break the UCC will be working on a bunch of projects in preparation for the new year and its 40th Anniversary.


Event Management HowTo to be created by [SAS].

All of committee expected to work on some events, which will be further planned at the next Workshop Meeting.


Worked on by [SAS]

Regular LANs are UCC's common social events which are usually held in the Cameron Hall Loft in and out of semester. Overall organisation requires the least effort of all the events. A mostly up to date tutorial can be found here.

Specialised LANs

Essentially the same as a normal LAN except is themed to a particular game. The game used at this point is Artemis, the UCC has a non-DRM copy on Heathred to use. These LANs can generally turn into a regular one as time goes on. Note: This is a recent concoction which hasn't been hosted a great deal. Currently it is held in conjunction with UniSFA and Unigames.


The MegaLAN is the one big LAN of the year which usually attracts double the attendees and requires booking venue on campus to handle the capacity. A fair bit of money is spent on this event and requires further work and organisation to be financially sustainable. See MegaLAN2010 and MegaLAN2013

Tech Talks

Worked on by [SZM], [SLX] and [SAS]

Commonly the education arm of the club, Tech Talks are common events which strive to educate freshers and the unlearned about all the various wonderful tech in the world including those used in UCC. Previous Tech Talks run by [SZM] can be seen here.


[SAS] had the idea of a first semester HowToUCC series combining the Tech Talks and Lrn2Linux to introduce members old and new to the services that UCC supplies and how best to utilise their membership. This would be a drawn out weekly series of 1 to 2 months likely hosted on a Friday afternoon with longer, slower tutorials which walked through basic concepts and services to projects and UCC hardware.


Worked on by [GOZ], [ODF] and [SAS]

Quiz Night

Worked on by [SAS] and [NEO]

Triforce Ball

Worked on by [SAS] and [NEO]

40th Anniversary Dinner

Worked on by [SAS] and [NEO]


Worked on by [SAS] and [GOZ]

Website Redesign

Worked on by [GOZ], [BG3] and [HTL]

Policy Review

Worked on by [GOZ], [DTK], [ODF] and [SAS]

Door and Coke

  • Suggested that the two groups be merged
    • Always coke member in the room
    • Restrict membership further to those trusted greatly
      • Still reserve committee discretion as to criteria
    • Coke purges would be easier
    • Would need to rewrite LOLDOG/CAT
    • Group needs new name
  • Recent door policy rewrite has been effective and little conflict has occurred since inception
  • Prospective door members should empty bins
    • Investigate financial incentive ($1) for those who do
      • Promotes engagement also good welfare strategy
  • They can only request / recommend account locking from wheel for suspected service abuse by other members
  • Admission Guidelines
    • Simple consensus of the committee (of those present)
    • All committee members have right of veto whether present or otherwise expressed
  • Any committee member can remove anyone from the group at any time
    • This action is then reviewed at the next committee meeting


  • Needs written documentation of objects and responsibilities
  • Only manages UCC services not the clubroom
  • Definition of Powers
    • Account Locking Guidelines
  • Committee ability to remove wheel members while keeping wheel independent
  • Pres and VP to maintain root passwords using Keypass on USB and master password
    • Password cards generate master password
    • Unlocks Keypass USB locked in safe
    • Has all recorded passwords
    • Provides single system which allows easy regular changing of root passwords

Fresher Guide

Worked on by [SZM], [VAN], [HTL] and [SAS]

Clubroom Improvement

Worked on by [XON], [BG3], [ODF] and [VAN]


Worked on by [SZM], [MRD], [NEO] and [SAS]