DavidAdam: networks +/- systems
ChrisSquire: sponsorship
BobAdamson: that guy wot does a bit of everything
JohnHodge: server/gameplay/tournaments guy
MattDidcoe: a bit of everything + drinks + the legals eagle
AlastairSwanson: Power + networks + servers


Current options are

  • Winthrop Hall Undercroft
    • Unavailable in early August, but available late August
      looks like the right option at the moment. need to talk with theatres about requirements and availability to check its feasable

  • Winthrop Hall
    • If the Undercroft is booked, this is likely to be as well (and probably isn't the greatest venue [DAA])
  • UWA Rec Centre
    • First UWALAN held here (citation needed)

Network Equipment

  • 1 x router running DNS, DHCP, dhcp-probe, probably doing NAT and routing back via UCC through ipip tunnel
  • 1 x core switch, preferably something gigabit
  • Distribution switches as necessary. Preferably gigabit or 100MB with teaming.
  • Desk switches ~24 port per desk cluster with ~6 gigabit cat5/6 cables for trunk to main core

Server Equipment

  • Game servers (x2?) (running ESX?)
  • 1x steam server: tf2 fun servers (good maps) + css + HLDM
  • Something to host files & Direct Connect

  • Internet filter? (porn torrents ect)(have something in mind myself H_H)

Power Equipment

  • 3 Phase distribution to 10amp GPO's
  • Desk power loom runs (they would look like 4m of power cable with 3 power points spread with 1m between each one
  • Extention cords to desks
  • spare IEC's
  • Possible job to do is to see what GPO's (general power outlets) there are in the venue and see what circuit they're on

Food + Drinks Equipment

  • Esky
  • BBQ
    • This may present interesting challenges to ensure we're compliant with the City of Subiaco Health Guidelines - the Guild can advise on this though.


Event management plan (underway)

  • Required for SOC funding and liquor licensing (if we tackle that hurdle)

Tables and chairs?