Dispense is the system that manages drink and snack sales in UCC.

Buying Drink and Snacks

There are several ways you can buy drinks and snacks. The ways to do so are outlined below.

At the vending machine

  • Walk up to the machine
  • Log into the vending machine
    • Using your User ID and Pin
      • Enter your user id
        • uid.jpg

      • Enter your pin
        • pin.jpg

    • By swiping an enrolled card
      • card.jpg

  • Enter the number of the drink or snack you want
  • Collect it out of the machine

Using dispense web

Dispense web can only be used to purchase drinks, as there is currently no system in place to determine if there are snacks in the vending machine to dispense.

Using the command line

Similar to dispense web, dispense can only dispense drinks due to know knowing what snack stock levels are at.

  • Open up an SSH session to one of UCC's user servers

  • run "dispense"
    • termdispense.jpg

  • Select a drink
  • Collect it from the coke machine

Enrolling a card for login

The easiest way to log into the machine to buy drinks and snacks is to enrol a card. This card can be any sort of MIFARE compatible card. To do this, log into the machine using your User ID and Pin as outlined above, then hold your card above the card reader. You will get a message saying "Card Enrolled". You can now use this card instead of your User ID and Pin to log in.

Adding money to your account

Money can be added to your dispense account by talking to one of UCC's door members.

  • Grab a numbered bag from next to the safe in the corner of the clubroom
  • Find someone who is on door. If you are in the clubroom, there will be someone from this group present
  • Let them know that you would like to add money to your account, along with the bag number and the amount you want added
  • They will verify this amount, run the command to add it to your account and take the bag (and money) from you
  • You now have more money on your dispense account