Really, really, incredibly dull unit. Requires you to do things like library research and writing essays. Lecture attendance is nominally compulsory, good chance to read a book by the guy next door's USB powered light. You will end up producing a group project on energy or something, and several oral presentations. There is no exam, but a 20,000 word report must be written (in groups).

Leads onto future professional engineering units which are just as dull.

Tute selections are made for you, once you provide preferences via some completely-different-to-the-rest-of-the-university system (WebCT). Once selections are made they're extremely inflexible; nothing short of the coming of the apocolypse will allow you to change them (including clashes with other units, work, sickness or anything else). Bottom line is to make sure you get your preferences in on time. Tutorials are compulsory and very, very boring. Lots of small group projects, which no-one will finish on time.

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