Somewhat more difficult and intensive than JapaneseBeginners1JAPN1101, but a lot more interesting and useful. Upon completion of this unit one should be able to truthfully say "I speak Japanese poorly." If you're actually serious about learning the language, this is quite cool.

Class attendance is less necessary due to a course outline booklet handed out at the beginning of which includes all important dates and what excersizes in the (inexpensive - $25 in 2006) textbook you should be able to do at the end of each lesson.

LukeWilliams experimented with missing classes and found that despite the guidance of the textbook it was crippling. Classes, including lectures, are usually quite interactive and interesting, so you will not save yourself any great amount of boredom by not attending.

Assignments once again include an in-class open-book "essay" and an oral, but this time you get three people in your oral presentation. There are frequent Kanji tests, and by the end of the year you are expected to be able to recognise approximately 150 of them.

Taken by Dr. RomitDasgupta and DanauTanu.

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