The drinking game was invented by DavydMadeley and JamesAndrewartha. It works like this:

  1. aquire socially acceptable drink, cut with hard liquor of your choice
  2. wait for someone to mispronounce the word "GNOME" (ie. nome instead of guh-nome)

  3. drink
  4. GOTO 2

This game can then be extended to any words that you want, for example:

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux (it's not Lye-nux)
  • GNU/Linux (rather than Linux)
  • Qt (cute)

  • Tinymail (tinnie-mail, no, seriously, that's how you're supposed to say it)

  • Community (correctly pronounced as 'bollocks')

When playing with extended rules, it is recommended not to mix your drinks too stiff. PXY also recommends that you stay away from anything Canberrans purport to be orange juice.